Mar 082011

The route 3180, 3201, 3253, 3411, 3374, 4007, 3459, 1029, 1048, Hwy 4, 1037, 4030, 3218, 3219, 3301, 3410, 3175, 3187

Total distance 402 km

An early morning shot from along the 3180

Quite a picturesque hedge

See how nice and green it is leaving Chumphon

I was planning on stopping at Prachuap Khiri Khan but I was going past there by midday so I rode on along hwy 4 for another 60+ km then took a left onto the 1037

The pineapple pickers are busy

I get given a couple of pineapples, one will do for dessert tonight

On the 3301 and I stay on the old section until I reach where the road is now submerged

Theres a new road that runs around the reservoir, last year it was only gravel and dirt but now its a nice new asphalt surface apart from about a 1 km section from N12.45.341 E099.38.797 to N12.45.793 E099.38.891 which is still dirt

When its finally full to capacity that building will be mostly submerged

Along the pleasant 3410

As I am getting closer to Phetchaburi I notice the vibrant greenery is not there so much now

Just before reaching hwy 4 and its swimmimg time

A nice spicy macaroni pork for 55 Baht at the Rabiang Rimnam where I stay plus eat

Followed by part of one of those pineapples, the cook ate some as did I and a German couple staying here ate the rest so none of it was wasted.
Get the gdb file here …

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