Feb 092009

The route Hwy 4, 6016, 1008, Hwy 4

Total distance 185 km

I woke up to a flat front tyre this morning so first thing was to get that fixed, in went the dogshit and I was up and running, both of the tyres on my bike are now dogshitted up and no problems with either of them, it will stay in there until I replace the tyres

It was a short ride from the centre of town to get to highway 4 and then ride on to Ranong, highway 4 is a very pleasant road from now on as most of the traffic goes down the 41

Its a lovely twisty road for much of the way

I take a turn to my right and come across the local car wash

I take another couple of turns and as I get back to highway 4 I see that I have been riding along the 6016. I have been riding without a map today and I managed to get a copy of the Thinknet Southern Thailand map this evening which shows a few roads going out that way so I will explore them somewhen

I ride a bit further along hwy 4 then stop at the Isthmus Of Kra, the narrowest point of the Malayan peninsula, its only 50 km from the gulf of Thailand to the Andaman sea at this point

Looking across to Burma

I take a left onto the 1008 and ride to the Bok Krai waterfall, its a 100 metre walk along this path to view it

Lots of Thai kids playing and swimming here today, not that much water but still a pleasant place to visit

Now its a ride back along the 1008

A very pleasant ride along that road it was too, plus its good green scenery around here, no fires here yet

I take a right to the Phra Kayang Cave

I enter thinking that it will only be a small cave, was I in for a shock

I start climbing the steps, loads of them and some very steep indeed

After ages and having to stoop through narrow low openings I see sunlight, but unfortunately its still not at the top of the stairs

Notice that ray of sunlight coming from another hole to the right thats not visible

Finally I am at the peak, out of breath and sweating like a pig thinking about my shorts and sandals that are in my panniers while I am wearing my bike gear, oh well its time to go back down now

Now I have to negotiate that steep section with no steps or rails on the way back

Thousands of bats in here and bat shyte everywhere

That pots catching dripping water

I finally get back out and go for a walk around the back

This path goes for ages and I cant be bothered walking all of it

Theres another small cave here and thankfully this is all of it

Heres what I climbed to the top of from inside, it sure doesnt look much from out here but believe me it was hard work

Back on the lovely hwy 4 again and enjoying some more bends

By the roadside is the Punyaban waterfall and again lots of Thais here today swimming, picnicking and generally enjoying themselves

Its a pleasant leisurely ride into Ranong, I notice a KFC on the roadside just before town that wasnt there three years ago when I last visited here, apparently its only been open for three months. I ride into town to find that my usual hotel has closed but I find another one about 100 metres away from it right next door to an internet shop and two doors further is a 7-11 so that cant be bad. I pop down to a new Tesco Lotus to buy a map and decide on a KFC for tonights meal

Followed by a Swensens ice cream, because unfortunately theres no Dairy Queen here so I have to settle for second best

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