Dec 032013

The route 1020, 1292, 1126, 1091

Total distance 234 km
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1801.jpg
A very nice chicken biryani at the Muslim restaurant for 50 Baht got the day off to a good start
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1803.jpg
It was a bit overcast in Chiang Rai first thing and none too warm when I went for breakfast so I put extra clothes on under my airflow gear.
I was hot riding in the city but once over hwy1 and moving I quickly cooled down and kept that extra clothing on plus the wind proof liners in all the way to Nan
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1804.jpg
Its a sunny day now and a pleasant ride once off the long boring straight section of the 1020
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1805.jpg

Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1806.jpg
Nearing Nan province and I notice everywhere looks dry, almost like the nightly rain I was getting in Fang didnt reach out this far
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1807.jpg
From the view point along the 1091 and its looking hazy
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1809.jpg

Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1810.jpg

Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1811.jpg
Some of the curves of the 1091
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1812.jpg
As I near Nan and the reservoir I ride over looks full.
I check in at Amazing GH and its empty at the moment
Chiang Rai To Nan-img_1816.jpg
Chicken massaman from the market, a portion didnt look much in the bag so I ordered 2 plus 2 bags of rice.
80 Baht the lot, I could hardly eat it all there was so much, delicious too


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