Jan 272013

The Route 1317, 5127, 5123

Total Distance 101 km

The riders

Heilong (Gene) Kawasaki KLX 250
Captain_Slash Kawasaki KLX 250

We try exploring further along a single track I found the other day close to the Huai Lan Reservoir

We get a bit further but then the track just dries up

An angry dog there by the looks of it

Next stop was the Mae Pha Haen Reservoir

The water is well low here now

We take a new unmapped dirt track, the dirt starts at N18.71588 E099.23648

Single track from N18.70740 E099.24300

We ride on further but decide its probably not worth carrying on so ride back

A superb buffet dinner at Riders Corner

Professionally cooked and very tasty indeed

200 Baht and well worth it

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Good you got a riding friend! 
    The Mae Pha Haan is a major snail producing lake, thou they look too disgusting to eat. Poor fishing compared to the reservoirs you’ve visited early this week, but we’ve had some nice times having evening wienie roasts on the side of the pond. You would have passed the ancient kiln (water damaged last year) that Ally had hid a geo cache. 

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