Nov 162007
It was the 108 today, a pleasant start weatherwise but an unpleasant journey until after Chom Thong. Coming out of Hot the road is in good condition at last

A few kms out of Hot and it looks a bit gloomy

A bit further on and its time to take cover as it starts to piss down for about 20 minutes

Now its sunny and the roads are drying out

A few more km and its foggy for a short while

Then it gets sunny and warm and its a lovely ride into town and I check in at the Riverside guest house

Its only 1pm so I decide to ride to Mae Sam Laep to see the Salween river on the 1194

A good wide well surfaced road to start with but it narrows and is badly pot holed in places the further you go

The Salween is a very fast flowing river and it will be a shame if they go ahead with the proposed dams and interfere with its flow.

Here are two shots from the guest house

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