Nov 222007
I was hoping to make an early start this morning as its a long ride but the heavy rain in Chiang Mai delayed me. When I got going it was a fast ride straight down highway 11 to Uttaradit which is a good condition road apart from about 25 km out of Lampang heading east there is a small section under repair. From Uttaradit it was the 1047,1244,1245,1143,2013 and then the 203 to Loei then the 201 to Chiang Khan

I came across this snake slithering across the road between Dan Sai and Loei, I find that if you stand in front of them they automatically stop and happily pose for photographs (perhaps they know fame is at hand on gt-rider) This one had a lucky escape, two Thais came riding past whilst I was photographing it and soon came back with a 2 metre length of bamboo and wanted to kill it for food. Luckily it had disappeared by then and avoided ending up on tonights barbecue

A good section of road the 203, its in brilliant condition and plenty of corners and hills

It was a 540 km ride today and I got in at about 4.30 this afternoon, a good ride but at times it felt like it was going to rain, thankfully it didnt

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