Jan 252013

The route 1317, 1147, 5127, 5120

Total distance 105 km

As I went for breakfast I saw these about to ride off and the back tyre looked pretty flat to me, I bet that was fun going around corners

Along the 1317 and the haze is setting in now

Along some unnumbered narrow side road

Dirt starts at N18.71537 E099.18285

According to the ESRI this track carried on but I could see no sign of it and rode back on the other side of the canal

This narrow bridge got me across the canal

Back on the paved surface and around this lake to get back to the 1147

I take a dirt track starting at N18.72116 E099.18369

The track splits and right should take me to where I turned around at the canal

Not used much by the look of it

Then this is the track, no wonder I could see no sign of it from the canal

This is the narrow track going through the trees to the canal

Through the trees and about 200 metres away, I walk down first to make sure I can get the KLX through and out before riding down.
The proper exit is blocked from people dumping building rubble but it is possible to get out so I walk back to the bike and ride it down completing the track

I ride on past the lake again and re enter the same dirt track and where it splits take the left this time, it reaches the 5127 and I take another dirt track before reaching the paved surface at N18.72075 E099.18947

Sitting in the tree fishing Thai style

The Huai Lan Reservoir

you can ride through the reservoir on a paved surface near to the overflow but i wont be trying this when its full to capacity as although my exhaust outlet would be just out of the water most of the engine would be submerged

The toilets and shelter here are all locked up

Dirt starts at N18.70419 E099.20074

At the Huai Pha Rai Reservoir a rocket launch tower I guess, thats two of these at two different reservoirs that I have seen over the last three days

At the overflow end of the reservoir its a nasty overgrown single track leading back to the road

I get as far as this fallen tree then its turn back time

I try a single track going in the opposite direction but thats blocked by a fallen tree too.
The surface returns to paved at N18.68900 E099.20225 and I ride on taking a right onto an unpaved track at N18.68671 E099.20139

This track is not on the GPS and I ride on for a while, it turns to single track and I am about to turn back when I find these two resting

He tells me the single track goes on and will take me to Lamphun if I take a right at the fork

I ride on a bit further but decide to leave a waypoint here and try finding the other entrance another day

The Doi Dorn Reservoir

Another short dirt section from N18.71191 E099.20341 to N18.71577 E099.20899

I stop for a snack and the shops lazy dog doesnt even move

A truck was slowly going along the road with loudspeakers telling everyone about this new Honda 125

Food was at Franco Thai tonight for the GT-Rider dinner, a lovely filling chicken breast steak in mushroom sauce with pasta and salad for 179 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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