Jan 232013

The route Hwy 11, 1147, 2031, 2032

Total distance 193 km

More exploring to the SE of town today

The Mae Tip Reservoir

A bit of offroad from N18.52687 E099.10851 to N18.52521 E099.10689

Dirt starts again at N18.51094 E099.12524 until N18.51391 E099.13177

Lots of Scouts and Guides out here today

Single track now

Its overgrown in one direction and this is too narrow and I might not be able to turn around if I go any further so its time to turn back

Mae San Reservoir

Cham Ta Hoen Reservoir, just past here the surface turns to dirt at N18.48544 E099.13523 but it only goes in for a short distance so its backtrack time again

Along hwy 11 these were for sale

Along the 2031 I take a dirt track starting at N18.53741 E099.23209

After just over 1 km it finishes

Rama VI having been left a bottle of brandy

These turn up and the bottle of brandy is soon taken away

One of them insisted I stood here to have my photo taken so here I am

Dirt from N18.51696 E099.11227 to N18.53752 E099.10802

This track wasnt showing on either of my GPS maps but it will now

Another fun day exploring some more new roads

The super highway is definitely this way

A new restaurant for me tonight on Loi Khro Road near to the night bazaar at N18.78406 E098.99889

Half a chicken Tandoori, garlic naan, onions and salad.
It was delicious and 180 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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