Jan 262013

The Route 1317, 2048, 4015, 3198

Total Distance

Just off the 1317 exploring new tracks and its dirt from N18.70609 E099.14346 to N18.70396 E099.13551

I have just watched him wash his hands in that water and found it highly amusing

A dirt section from N18.68639 E099.14148 to N18.68712 E099.15170 and from N18.68473 E099.15629 to N18.67937 E099.16763

I cross over the 2048 and dirt starts at N18.67504 E099.17442 as I try to find a link up with yesterdays waypoint out in the woods

A couple of dead ends to start with

Thats a good idea, the forward facing part of the carburettor is open to allow unrestricted airflow.
I guess the dirt and dust going in helps performance and engine longevity too

Its a steep climb after this concrete bit on a newish surface thats loose, that string is the safety barrier until the concrete posts are in place

Hopefully this holds up in the wet season

At the top a toilet block has recently been built

No running water at the moment

I saw a few of these Ball Breaker stickers on the ride up

Other bikes and a truck are parked here but no sight or sound of anyone

This single track carries on round the other side

I walk it for a bit but decide not to ride it alone as it would not be possible to turn the bike around should I need to on that narrow track up so high

Someone else rides up and he was about to ride further along

But then his mates ride out from the narrow track and they all ride off

I leave a waypoint and then ride back myself.
Those two guys in the woods yesterday told me the single track split, right went to Lamphun and possibly the left went to up here as I am now directly south from yesterdays waypoint and that was the direction it was heading in

I return to asphalt at N18.66879 E099.17268 as I reach the 2048

Stopping for photos needs care where you park the bike as theres red ants everywhere

Dirt starts again at N18.68483 E099.17912, usually its wood tied together for the bridge not concrete posts

About 750 metres as the crow flies from my waypoint I reach this barrier

I walk through but it looks like no track there with any tyre tracks, perhaps I will try it again from yesterdays waypoint

I get back out and follow the canal until I find a bridge to cross it and dirt finishes at N18.69443 E099.17860

Razor wire to keep people out of a golf course, unbelieveable

Gazing at where I left the waypoint up high earlier on, my GPS shows it as 2.8 km away and I can see a Wat or something in that direction right on the highest point

I am wondering if where I parked at that toilet block was in the vicinity of that and possibly the narrow single track went there

Dirt starts at N18.66756 E099.17219

That water is flowing swiftly and goes downhill steeply there, no mesh in place to stop any kids or animals from going under in place though

This looks like a paved surface but I am marking it as unpaved as its still rough and bumpy and looks like just a spray over and not a proper paving job

I reach the paved surface at N18.67305 E099.14265 and as I stop for a snack this heavily laden bike pulls up

A wide load indeed

This lady cycles past with the dog enjoying an easy ride out in the basket

A delicious chicken fried with garlic,onions and curry powder at Kai Laila for 40 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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