Mar 202013

The route hwy11, 1189, 3154, 3068, 2001, 2033

Total distance 110 km

Last time I rode here in january I dont remember seeing the water sporting this growth

A lot hazier now then back in january

The road turns to unpaved at N18.63008 E099.11844

A dead end but heres a good lunch spot in the shade

I ride back to the paved surface at the same spot

Dirt from N18.63342 E099.13642 to N18.61786 E099.12566, N18.61844 E099.12182 to N18.61844 E099.12182, N18.61203 E099.11906 to N18.61029 E099.09055 and N18.61046 E099.08915 to N18.61693 E099.07853

New tracks for me today and I wonder how long this has been excavated for

That will make a nice deep reservoir

The dog was lying in the water when I stopped but wouldnt stay put for a photo

A pleasant slow meander through some interesting roads and tracks today

Chicken curry at Kai Laila for 50 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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