Dec 282007
I took the 108 to San Patong then left onto the 1015 to Lamphun, it was then a right onto the 106 and then a left onto the 1033

A couple of km after the crossroads heading towards Mae Tha I turn right at a sharp left corner, this is the 4010 but no signposts or road markers for a few kms

I stop at a reservoir, there are some people fishing but quite what this guy is looking for I dont know, he keeps looking at the water through the sights

A very nice stretch of road this is

I reach a T junction with the 1184 and turn left onto it

Some decent bends and scenery here

I reach the crossroads at the junction with the 1274 and take the right towards Li, there its a left onto the 106 for about 3 km then its a right onto the 1087

I ride up to the entrance to Mae Ping National Park, the entrance fee here has been reduced to 100 Baht, I take a look around then retrace my route back

There is some fun to be had on this road, plus its in perfect condition

I am not back on the 1274 and this is another fine piece of road, also in good condition, no pot holes anywhere today

Although my map and the signposts both say this is the 1274, the km markers say its the 131

I turn back onto the 1184 and return to Lamphun the way I came, towards Lamphun I notice the km markers are painted white so perhaps the 1184 is in for a number change as well

I get back to Chiang Mai and realise that I have ridden 400 km today, I didnt realise it was that far, still a very pleasant day trip

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