Mar 212013

The route 108, 1015, 1156, 1010, 3004, 4009

Total distance 249 km

Once off of the 108 and riding the smaller quieter roads alongside the Ping river the journey was instantly improved, I notice the greenery is on the Ping river too

Huai Sa Phaet Ton Lang Reservoir

Some good twisty roads along here

And a lot better then the 108 going to Hot from Chiang Mai

On the 108 just after Hot

I have never seen so many people playing in the river before

Not much water rushing through the Ob Luang canyon now

A few fires were burning along the way but there had been lots more since I last rode along here in january

As I climbed between Hot and Mae Sariang the temperature noticeably fell but as I descended towards Mae Sariang it was really hot again.
I check in at the Mae Sariang Guest House as usual.
I see the Riverside Guest House is now open again, with possibly new tenants

A hot and spicy chicken curry for 30 Baht at my favourite Muslim restaurant just over the bridge on the 1194.
This restaurant serves the hottest food I have ever eaten in a Muslim restaurant in Thailand, no extra chilli is required here

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