Dec 292007
I took the 118 out of Chiang Mai until the right for the 1252 for Chae Hom, there is about a 2 km section of the 118 under construction just north of Doi Saket but just a bit dusty thats all

The 118 once you get out of Doi Saket turns into a pleasant road

Now its on the 1252

I cant believe how chilly it is riding up here, at 12.30 I usually expect it to be a lot hotter than this

Its still very green up here

I guess these people had to light the fire to stay warm

There was a small section after about 35 km from highway 118 where there were a few potholes but nothing serious to worry about

As I am getting nearer to Meuang Pan the road really widens out and a very good surface now

I ride virtually into Chae Hom then take the 1335 which I consider the best of the three roads that go to Lampang from here

This is a really good road and hardly any traffic on it at all

Another one of those photos that make you want to ride a particular road. This road joins highway 1 about 23 km north east of Lampang, but I take a back road to Lampang myself, 2 km before highway 1 I turn right signposted to Ban Laeng Dyke, after 300 metres I take a left and follow this to a T junction. Here its another left and after about 500 metres its a right onto a concrete road through some wooden pillars. I just keep on going on this road, there are two more places where a road joins from the right but each time I bear to the left and finally it joins the 1035 at Lampang. I turn left onto it and ride to Hang Chat then its highway 11 back to Chiang Mai

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Dell and thanks for the compliments

  2. Hi Captain,
                  Many thanks for your info. I was looking for a round trip route from CM to include Chae Hom  and the nearby lake but by bicycle. May not take your route exactly as would prefer to avoid Lampang by taking a right turn at Thakok but thanks again for your info and photographs. 
                             Best Regards

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