Jan 242013

The route Hwy 11, 1147 and others SE of town

Total distance 137 km

I am getting the sniff treatment here

Thankfully I passed and I am treated as a friend

Some more twisty narrow roads being rode for the first time today, some have numbers some dont

I stop at Wat Ton Phueng at N18.69340 E099.05927

An iron bridge crossing the water outside the Wat

A couple of short dirt sections were encountered, from N18.66631 E099.07793 to N18.66521 E099.08105 and from N18.66103 E099.09011 to N18.66954 E099.09189

I spotted a couple of Castrol Bike Points on yesterdays ride and got an interim oil change carried out there today

Dirt from N18.54335 E099.08787 to N18.54712 E099.09155

Dirt from N18.53752 E099.10802 out exploring a new track

After a couple of km its a dead end so back to the paved surface where I left it

I visit a meditation centre at N18.53192 E099.10680

Dirt starts again at N18.53143 E099.10399 and then carries on off the GPS joining up with a track I was on earlier today and reaching the paved surface at N18.53752 E099.10802

More dirt from N18.53978 E099.10531 to N18.54451 E099.10512 where I reach the Sri Bua Ban Reservoir.
From here its a short stint on asphalt with further dirt sections from
N18.53689 E099.09533 to N18.53651 E099.08668 and
N18.53512 E099.08644 to N18.52867 E099.09218.
On the ride back towards home the GPS shows the road stopping at around N18.56136 E099.07051 and here it just finishes at a field so I turn back taking a left and the surface turns to dirt at N18.55721 E099.07226

Along this dirt track I reach a locked gate at N18.55906 E099.07589, fortunately someone has knocked a concrete post down and cut the barbed wire so there is a gap about 1.5 metres wide to get through

Its a pleasant track to ride along now

A much heavier locked gate where the surface turns to paved at N18.56682 E099.07217

I remove the panniers and ride the bike over this then ride on home

It looks like this poor fella needs a bit of support

The steak buffet at Brownies tonight, its now reached the dizzy heights of 100 Baht but as its an all you can eat buffet well worth the price.
Toast and marmalade/jam for dessert

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Interesting: I know that Jacobsen make mowers, but I had never seen a 3-wheeler like the one in your pic. Now I know it’s called a ‘bunker rake’: http://www.jacobsen.com/groommasterii
    3-wheel hydrostatic drive and power steering. I wonder how it found its way to Thailand.

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