Nov 032007
Well it wasnt raining when I got up but it looked pretty dismal outside the guesthouse

Five kms out of town and its this

Perhaps this will be the only source of heat I see today

I ride out of town and when I get to the left turn for the 1155 to Wiang Kaen its started chucking it down and I look to be in for a right soaking, but after a few kms it stops and where the Mekong comes back to the roadside its even dry roads.

I stop here for a few moments and see they are getting their vegetables ready

Here the Mekong is swirling like mad, I certainly wouldnt fancy falling in here

Its goodbye to the Mekong here as it flows off into Laos

Of the three roads that run parallel towards Thoeng I think the 1155 is the best for riding a bike on

Perhaps I should get some big panniers like his

I decide to go up to Phu Chi Fa and take the second turning for it

Still so green up here

Its looking foggy

Its time for the fog lights

It is pointless carrying on as I wont see anything up there so I take the 1093 back to join the 1155 and just before Thoeng the roads are soaking again but luckily I missed the downpour

Its time for a snack at my favourite convenience store at Chiang Kham

Then its on to the 1148, probably the best biking road in Thailand

Anyone heading back to Chiang Kham on the 1148, when you get to km marker 57 the road has places like this

But at km marker 60 take extra care as this is where I took the last photo and as you go on for the next 1 or 2 km there are a few others with the last one going across most of the road and it will definitely bring you off if you dont see it in time

A nice narrow section here a lot further on towards Nan

I get into Nan and its a lot busier than usual and when I get to my guesthouse the owner tells me its Nan boat week.

Well it was a good trip with a bit of real warmth for the last two hours riding and I had dried out okay

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