Jan 102010

The route 1020, 1155, 1222, 1021, 1148, 1080

Total distance 293 km

This was yesterdays trip but as a certain photo hosting website was playing up it couldnt be posted last night. I headed out of Chiang Khong on the 1020 and what a bumpy dusty unpleasant road it was too, I guess as its now the AH3 and being widened the resurfacing thats badly needed will all take place when the widened section is ready

I take a left onto the 1155 to follow the Mekong for a while, this road is very busy but as its a sunday I guess lots of Thais are off to Phu Chi Fa

I stop at a viewpoint for some photos plus to put my pullover and track suit bottoms on as its freezing this morning, probably not freezing by UK standards but still colder than I really want to be

The road goes inland a bit now and I wont be seeing the Mekong again for at least a fortnight until I get to Chiang Khan

I am now rewarded with a lovely twisty road

Plus stunning scenery like this for most of todays ride

This in my opinion is the best of the roads to ride heading souith west from Chiang Khong

A good bit of road or what

The temperature is rising and its sweltering climbing with the extra clothing on so its now time to shed the pullover and track suit bottoms

Now I think that riding this road should be compulsory whenever you are in the vicinity otherwise you deserve to be made to ride a Honda Phantom, oh wait a minute I have just ridden that on a Honda Phantom

I hope they dont hit a bump at speed otherwise the baby might get catapulted out

I am nearing the end of the 1155 and what a fantastic fun road it is to ride too

I take a left onto the 1222 then a left onto the 1021 and this becomes the 1148 which is just an ordinary unexciting road to start with

The start of the brilliant section

This road has it all, brilliant scenery

Plus a brilliant series of bends and a great surface too

At the 1148s end I take a right onto the 1080 and ride to Nan,checking into the Amazing Guest House as usual

Lasagna and garlic bread at Da Darios tonight, the lasagna is 120 Baht and the garlic bread is 50 Baht

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  1. Hi Patrick

    Glad you are finding the site useful, I used to eat and enjoy Thai food years ago but now find it over rated and not much cop in touristy places, the southern Muslim Thai food is great though

  2. keep it up captain followed some of your roads in a err…….wimpy 4×4 around Nan and Chiang Kong in March 2012 really good – maybe west of chiang mai next year but you really need to get into thai food;;;

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