Feb 122008

I headed south out of Chiang Khong then after about 5 km took a right onto the 1174

The 1174 is not a particularly endearing road, the surface isnt much good, this picture was from a section of the decent surface which doesnt last too long

At Phaya Meng Rai I took a right onto the 1152 and stayed on here until I turned right onto the 1020 which took me to Chiang Rai. I decided to ride through town to pick up the 1211 which looked a winding road and joins the 118. I wont make that mistake again, its a boring road and highway 1 then the 118 would have been the better choice

I am now on the 118 which is an okay road, its been at least a couple of years since I was out this far on this road

I follow the 118 until Mae Suai then take the right for the 109

This road starts off very ordinary for the first few kms but then just turns to brilliance

This was the new road that I wanted to explore today and I am really glad that I did

You just dont run out of these bends for a long time

I have passed the start of this road at both ends so many times but never even guessing at what I was missing by not trying it, its a bit ordinary for the first few kms from both ends but well worth it, a good surface with some serious fun corners

In all my trips up north of Chiang Mai I just havent gotten round to riding this road, it looked good on the map and believe me its even better in real life. I guess this road really runs in the wrong direction to be used going north but try it next time you are up this way, I promise you that you wont be disappointed with it

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