Mar 102008

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 1268, 1237, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1245, 1244, 1047, 11, 102
Total distance 332 km

I took the 201 south out of Chiang Khan then the right onto the 2154, at the junction with the 4014 it was a right and at the junction with the 2195 another right, less than 1 km later it was a left , still on the 2195 but taking the one that runs next to the border rather than the inland 2195, I decided to change my usual route today

Its a narrower road but the surface is okay along here, its going from here to Chiang Khan on the 2195 thats best avoided

The Heung looks like its got lots of water but theres not much moving water in it now

Theres been a lot of resurfacing along here since I last rode it, now if only they could resurface all the way to Chiang Khan then the 2195 would be a brilliant road to ride

I come to a crossroads and all four directions are on the 2195, I take the right and ride down to Ban Nong Phu to see how low the water here is now, I have never seen it this low before and two days ago some guys staying at my guesthouse said that they went here to get some Beerlao and that the Thais just walked across the river rather then take the boat

It was back to the crossroads and a right to carry on heading west

You dont see much traffic on this road and its a good fun ride, plenty of corners and a good surface

I am near the end of the 2195 now and its been an enjoyable trip as usual

Now I am on the 1268 and another good fun road with next to no traffic on it

I take a left onto the 1237, another twisty narrow road that goes to Chat Trakan

I didnt realise that they ploughed up that steep a hill

I have only ever been on this road once before and its definitely worth riding

Another road devoid of traffic and a fun ride, a good surface and no loose debris on it

At the junction with the 1143 I turn right and enjoy this very fine road

At the junction with the 1246 its a right, then a few kms on a left onto the 1214, quickly followed by a right onto the 1245, I follow this until a junction with the 1244, here I turn right and this takes me to the 1047, I turn left here and head for Uttaradit

Its pleasant now that the fields are green again, no smoke or anything, the 1047 takes me to highway 11, I turn left and after a few kms its a right and into Uttaradit on the 102

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  1. Hello Jay

    I now pretty much rely on my GPS for the road numbers but I still use the Thinknet maps as they show more roads than most maps do.
    The 7-11s sell these but other shops do too, one word of warning though is sometimes they get the road number mixed up, eg in Nan the 1257 is the 1275 according to the Thinknet map and I have sometimes seen it on other roads too.
    Dont let that put you off I still prefer them to any other map


  2. Hi Captain Splash , iv probably found your site a bit late in the day but its been very helpfull none the less , especially the photos  , thanks for uploading . Im leaving Chaing Mai in 2 days to do a visa run , iv decided to take the train to Uttaradit and cycle to Nong Khai via Chaing khan . I would like to get a map with all the road numbers marked as you have given in your log becacause the map i have ( 1: 1 750 000 ) only numbers the major roads . My question is did you buy your map in Chaing Mai ? and if so where . Also are there places to stay in the smaller villages as i can only cover 60 miles a day ?
    .Any info rmation would greatly appreciated    , yours J.Cotton

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