Dec 222007
It was out of Chiang Khan on the 201 heading south for about 5 km then its the right onto the 2154 until I reach the T junction with the 4014, here its a left

The 4014 has a few potholes along the section of about 8 km that I rode,I come to a turning to my right for the 2399 and take it

The 2399 is in very good condition for its entire length

This road just gets better, I have rode it once before a couple of years ago and had forgotten about how good it was

Believe it or not I hardly saw another vehicle on this road, you would expect it to draw motorcyclists from afar

I must make this road a must everytime I am in this region from now on

I hit the 2195 and its a right, then about 1 km later on its a left back on to the 2399 for a further blast of good fun

Surely the above picture will get some of you out here making sure I dont have the sole pleasure of this road to myself

Wow another guy on a bike out here with me

I reach a T junction where its the 2399 either way, right is to Tha Li and left is to Phu Rhua, I take the left and enjoy the last stretch of this magnificent road with the stunning scenery as well

This road never fails to excite right up to when it joined the 203, I never noticed the milometer when I first got on it but I reckon 50 km of brilliance is here for the taking. Upon reaching the 203 I take the right towards Dan Sai, I stop in Phu Ruea at the PTT/7-11 for petrol and water then carry on

A bit further on I came across this very recent crash

A nice bit of parking, I bet his insurance company wont be too happy with him

There was a policeman taking photos plus some others so I thought I would as well, luckily the driver, his wife and child all got out okay though

Heres where it started to go wrong for him, he was travelling east from Dan Sai towards Loei and somehow hit the central reservation and took off and landed on the other side of the road

Heres where he landed again, it was really lucky that no one was travelling west at the time. I carry on to Dan Sai then Nakhon Thai, Chat Trakan and reaching Uttaradit just after 5pm with no further incidents, its back to Chiang Mai tomorrow and a well needed few days rest

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