Feb 292008

The route 201, 2016, 2216, 12, 2038, 2133, 228, 210
Total distance 447 km

I decided to take a new route between these two places today which also included some new roads. I left Chiang Khan on the 201 heading south to Loei then stayed on it to Wang Saphung, here I turned onto the 2016 and rode on that lovely road up through the mountains that I reported on in december


At the end of the 2016 I turn left onto the 2216

The same great scenery but its a bit hazy and there have also been a few fires up here

Its a great road though and I am glad I rode this way today

Theres quite a few of these lovely S bends along here and its also a good surface

This section has been recently resurfaced and no lines yet

I ride through Nam Nao and then finally reach highway 12, I turn left and enjoy this road for a while. As I get nearer to Chum Phae it gets busy with lots of lorries loaded with sugarcane plus plenty of cars and it turns into an unpleasant journey. I ride on east of Chum Phae and now there are roadworks as well, finally just before Nong Ruea I turn left onto the 2038 which is thankfully a lot quieter. I stop at Phu Wiang when I see a 7-11 and top up with water, just past here I turn right onto the 2133 and stay on here until I reach the junction with the 228, here its a right and immediately the surface really deteriorates for a while. I ride on to Nong Bua Lam Phu then turn right onto the 210 and ride on to Udon.

A mostly pleasant ride today and tomorrow its a days rest

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