Nov 132007

Chiang Khan To Uttaradit

It was out of Chiang Khan on the 201 towards Loei for about 5 km then a right onto the 2154

The 2154 is a bit more pot holed in places then when I last rode it, I join the 2195 and follow it until I take a left onto the 2294 for Phu Ruea

This is a much better road with lots of twists and hills

I reach the 203 and turn right heading for Dan Sai, at the fork its the right the 2013 which takes me to Nakhon Thai

There are one or two places where its being patched up but mainly in good condition with lots of bends like these

At Nakhon Thai its the 1143 from where the next two photos are from then its the 1245,1244 and the 1047 into Uttaradit

A pleasant ride of about 340 km today and back to Chiang Mai tomorrow

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