Nov 132008

The Route 211,2376, 2348, 2414, 2108, 201

Total Distance 272km

The Mekong is at the highest that I have ever seen with my own eyes so today it was a ride along it

Shes flowing fast, I only wish I had been here to see her in her full glory a few months ago

I musnt forget a few road shots, the 211 was as enjoyable as ever

Right in the centre of the above picture I think is the concrete marker that is usually a long way out of the water later on in the season. In march I can walk out to nearly the middle as its only a very narrow fast flowing stretch here then

Although mostly quite flat there are places like this and some good bends as well

I ride as far as Sangkhom then take the 2376 inland

Not far along the 2376 and I record my first kill on the new bike, the dog immediately ran over but he definitely wont be the one eating it. I ran over a snake a few days ago but it wasnt hurt and the bugger disappeared before I could photo it

Back to the hills now

These were very pleasing to the eye along the roadside

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