Dec 152008

The Route 211, 2108, 2414, unknown, 2138, 2249, 2108, 201

Total Distance 261 km

I took the 211 out to Pak Chom on another chilly start to the morning, at Pak Chom I turned right onto the 2108 and then took a left onto the 2414, when I got to Ban Huai Bo Suen I took a right onto an unnumbered road signposted to Na Duang

Another new road for me that I am trying out today

Another one of those roads that have been here for a long time but not ridden, this one is a good un

Is a mainly good quality road with absolutely loads of bends and quite a few rollercoasters

Unfortunately the haze is very bad today

Hardly any traffic on it as well making it even more enjoyable for me

The visibility here is really piss poor

This fire probably doesnt help matters much

Better visibility here

I reach the 2138 and turn right, this is a decent enough road

I turn right onto the 2249

It starts off with lots of promise but soon becomes a pretty mundane road compared to what I rode earlier. At the junction with the 2108 I turn left and ride to the 201 where I turn right and ride to Chiang Khan

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