Dec 142008

The Route 211, 4017, 2108, 3011, 201

Total Distance 170 km

Its a very foggy 7 am here this morning

I ride along the 211 to see how much the Mekong has dropped since I was last here on 13th november, here is today

Here is 13th november


13th november

This is past Pak Chom on the way to Sang Khom

Here its much easier to see how much more of the concrete marker is out of the water

I turn round and about 10 km before Pak Chom I do a left onto the 4017

I have never rode this road before so decided to check it out

Banana avenue would be the ideal name for this road

Theres some very good scenery along here

Its a good fun road too with only the odd pothole here and there

anyone riding out this way give it a go, its only 35 km long but worth it

I was asked by BobS and Silverhawk a couple of years ago if the roads were being built fast enough for me, I honestly dont think that I will ever get to ride them all as I keep on finding gems like this one right under my nose. I have rode every side of this road before on lots of occasions but only stumbled on it today

Theres loads of these rollercoasters and tons of bends too

This lovely road finishes as it reaches the 2108 at Ban Chieng Kom, here I turn left onto the 2108 and stay on it for about 24 km then its a right onto the 3011 to try out another new road for me that goes back to Chiang Khan

The 3011 starts off alright and I am hoping for more of the same

Its looking good, unfortunately the road surface soon deteriorates into a crap surface and I never wish to ride this road again, my advice is to give it a wide berth. It emerges onto the 201, I turn right and ride to Chiang Khan

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