Apr 202009

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 2115, 2399, 203, 2294, 203, 2013, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1245, 1244, 1047, Hwy 11, 1203

Total distance 333 km

I took the 201 south for about five km then took a right onto the 2154

A pleasant road but a few potholes here and there

At a T junction its a left onto the 4014 and lots of the potholes along here have beeen filled in

After a few km its a right onto the brilliant 2399

This is a great road all the way to the 203

One day I am going to get a shock and see that someeone else has enjoyed this road too and taken some pictures of it, until then I will continue to have exclusive use of it amongst GT Riders

Next time any of you are in the Loei/Chiang Khan area do yourself a favour and ride this brilliant road

Halfway along I reach the 2115 and do a right, less than one km later its a left back onto the 2399

Just more fun to be had along here

I reach the 203 and turn right onto it, another good fun twisty road thats quite green now

Just past Phu Ruea I take a right onto the 2294 to go and see how the hydropower project is progressing, the concrete pipe is actually finished and they are now landscaping it

This time next year and it will all be blended in, I go to the office and speak with Richard the English guy in charge of the project and he says it should be generating eleectricity in july, only six years behind schedule

Riding along the 2294 back towards the 203

These trees were quite picturesque along here

Back on the 203 and this tree was really eye catching

Along the 2013 and this is another really enjoyable road

At Nakhon Thai I take a right onto the 1143

Another one of todays great roads, good condition and plenty of bends

I reach the 1246 and do a right onto it and spot another bright tree

I take a left onto the 1214

Then a right onto the 1245

At a T junction its a right onto the 1244, this takes me to the 1047 where I turn left and ride along here through the rice fields until I reach hwy 11, here I turn left for a few km then take a right onto the 1203 which takes me into Uttaradit

It was a breaded pork chop and fries at the New York Steakhouse tonight for 160 Baht

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