Mar 212010

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 203, 2013, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1244, 1047, Hwy 11

Total distance 313 km

Time to move on and I have just spent probably my last night at the Tongkhong Guesthouse as Bens lease runs out at the end of the year and the owners want it back to change it. Sad really as I have been staying here for the last six years when I am in Chiang Khan

I take the 201 for five km then its a right onto the 2154 followed by a left onto the 4014 then a right to ride the brilliant 2399 again

It doesnt seem to get written about so obviously its being negleted by GT Riders when they are in this area

The only fire that I see today thankfully

Some happy workers out in the fields

Surely the above picture must make some of you want to ride along here

A brilliant road from start to finish whichever way you ride it, finally it finishes at the 203 where I turn right and ride to Phu Ruea

I take a right onto the 2013 and this is also good in places

At Nakhon Thai I take a right onto the 1143 and enjoy lots of this fine road

At the 1143s finish its a right onto the 1246 to Thong Saen Khan and here its a left onto the 1214 followed by a right onto the 1244 then a left onto the 1047 which brings me to hwy 11 where I turn left then do a right into Uttaradit

Buffet at the Inter Restaurant tonight for 130 Baht

Including ice cream

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