Jan 282010

The route 201, Unknown, 4014, 3003, 201, 2115, 2399, 203, 3002, 2140, 201, 2138, 2249, 2108, 211

Total distance 331 km

The Mekong was hardly visible through the fog at my guest house this morning

I took the 201 south for twenty four km then took a right onto an unnumbered road, along here the freshly planted tapioca sticks are being sprayed with something

I come to a T junction and its the 4014 which I had assumed emerged onto the 201 nearer to Chiang Khan, this explains why I couldnt find the start of it this morning. I turn left onto it and ride its mixture of a reasonable surface, potholes and repair work

The 4014 appears to end at its junction with the 3003, I take a left and ride on stopping for a break at this rubber tree plantation

Its another road that good at times and a bit potholed at others, it emerges onto the 201 14 km north of Loei despite not appearing on my map

I turn right onto the 201 and ride on for about five km then take a right onto the 2115

Today is my first ride along the entire length of the 2115 and its a pleasant experience. I notice quite a few roads going off to either side, some are on my map whilst others arent and further exploring will be done in the future

I ride to Tha Li and take the road out towards Phu Ruea but its not numbered at the moment

Now its the 2399 and the other section of it that I have never rode on before

I have this bit to look forward to

That is one steep hill and a lorry going up it took forever to reach the top

Looking back down

I reach the other section of the 2399 that I have rode before and ride on to the 203

I reach the 203 and do a left onto it then 3.5 km later I take a right onto the 3002 that Jerry (monsterman) mentioned recently

An awesome road with stunning bends and scenery to match make my first ride along here fantastic

The weather has changed today, after a few cold days its baking hot today

I come to a speed bump in the road

Then this warning sign

They sure want everyone to know about this corner

Damage to the concrete barrier where someone has hit it

Not so many bends now but still an enjoyable road, at its junction with the 2140 I take the left and ride to Wang Saphung. Here I take the 201 to Loei then a right onto the 2138

Then after a few km its a left onto the 2249 and some nice rollercoasters along here

Theres some tapioca being harvested along here, these have been uprooted and left on the surface

Some more rollercoasters along the 2249

At the end of the 2249 its a right onto the 2108

More good scenery along here

Its rollercoaster country along these roads

At Pakchom I take a left onto the 211 to ride along the Mekong to Chiang Khan

No sign of the water now from this viewpoint

I can see and hear it boiling away now though

A very scenic view of the Mekong in full flower rather than full flow

I am having withdrawal symptoms from my trip to the very south from last year and have a large chicken massaman curry with rice tonight

Followed by this from a restaurant around the corner

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