Jan 292010

The route 211, 2376, 2348, 2021, Hwy 2

Total distance 261 km

It was a pleasant gentle ride along the Mekong from Chiang Khan this morning

The Mekong is not as low as I have seen it at this spot

The 211 is always a pleasant ride

This infernally noisy thing caught me up and the guy on it seemed to think that I wanted to ride alongside him listening to its racket, I stopped and thankfully he rode off

A bit further along it was parked beside the road and this big hole in the exhaust pipe was the reason for the horrible racket

90713 km on this old two stroke aint bad going though, its done more than my Phantom has

Theres places where the Mekong is fast and ferocious

Some rollercoasters again today

My last picture of the Mekong at Sangkhom, I call in to say hello to the Irish chap who has a restaurant and rooms here but the place has been ripped out. I was only telling a young Aussie guy about this place earlier this morning as he was asking me about where to stay, hopefully he found somewhere

I take the 2376 inland from Sangkhom and at its end a left onto the 2348 and along here I happen upon this snake

I have never seen one of these before and absolutely no idea what it is. I ride on to Ban Phue and from here take the 2021 to hwy 2 where I turn right and ride into Udon Thani. Here I check in at the Srisawat Hotel as usual and its still 160 Baht per night

Riding around town I happen upon this scooter

Obviously an even bigger fan of the brand than I am

I go to Piccola Roma for my meal tonight but I get a shock when I arrive as it looks a lot more upmarket than before

Thankfully theres still some normal seats for a peasant like me, I was worried that I would be refused entry to start with

Lasagna, garlic bread and an onion salad for 250 Baht

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