Nov 122008

The Route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 2294, 2195, 2114, 2113, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201

Total Distance 324km

The above pictures were taken at about 9am this morning outside my guest house, its cold here now and very foggy in the early morning, I have never seen the Mekong so full here before

It was south on the 201 for about 4km then a right onto the 2154,

The 2154 is packed with different crops along its length, its the first time that I have noticed oranges here though, there are a few pot holes here and there but they dont spoil it. I saw a dog pick up a squashed snake this morning along here but it ran off with it before I could get the camera out, I suppose it thought I was going to steal its dinner

The 2195, I take the inland instead of the border 2195

A good road this one, its one I never tire of

At the crossroads I go straight over and down to the Hueng, again its the deepest that I have ever seen it

More from the 2195

I take a left onto the 2294 to visit the hydropower project thats been going on for the last 6 years, it looks as part of it is collapsing already even though it doesnt open until at least next july

The above three pictures probably explain why its taking so long. The project is being funded by the British Government and its nice to see my tax money being spent so well

At least they managed to finish the dam in the dry season, when I last visited here in march it wasnt finished

The odd one out, I should report him for unusual enthusiasm

Just this section to join up then the structural work is completed this end

I have been promised a walk through this tunnel by the English guy running the project, he wasnt here today but looking at the mud and water I would have left it for another day anyway

The 2294, another pleasant road, I ride back to the 2195 and turn left onto it and ride towards Na Haeo but take the 2114 to Dan Sai, I stop here for a snack then its the 2113 to Na Haeo

The 2113

Its been a long time since I last rode this amazing road and I just dont know why, its simply a brilliant piece of tarmac

Its brilliant condition all along and full of S bends, hairpin bends and really good fun

Next time any of you are out this way do yourselves a favour and ride it

At Na Haeo I turn onto the 2195 and ride back to Chiang Khan, there is a nice new section of tarmac up here that was being worked on in march, its now finished and good

If only they would make the entire length of the 2195 like this it would be one of the very best roads in Thailand

Its a fun road only let down by pot holes here and there but great scenery and about 100km long its well worth riding

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