Mar 092008

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 2115, 2399, 203, 2294, 2195, 4007, 2013, 203, 2399, 2115, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201
Total distance 248 km

I left Chiang Khan heading south on the 201 then took a right onto the 2154 after about 4 km, at the junction with the 4014 it was a left and then a right onto the brilliant 2399. I didnt stop for any pictures along here as I reported on it a couple of months back plus I really wanted to enjoy the ride for myself this time, its one hell of a good road and I didnt realise how steep some of the hills were, as I was going down them it really was like a roller coaster ride. I reach the 2115 and here its a right then not far along a left back onto the 2399 for some more fun, at the 203 I turn right and ride on through Phu Ruea. A few kms east of Phu Ruea I turn right onto the 2294 and ride along here to see the on going hydropower project, the boss has told me that when the tunnel is finally blasted through he will take me along it but alas its still not ready, its only been going for about 5 years, still TIT. I ride to the end of the 2294 and turn left onto the 2195 and less than 1 km later its another left onto the 4007

This road I have never been on before so I had no idea of its condition, its mostly okay, very good in some places and a bit ropey in others

The very good section, a fun piece of tarmac this most certainly is

I only wish that it was like this for the entire length but unfortunately it isnt

now its back to reality, but even this is okay

Its a bit like the 2399 in the fact that its like a rollercoaster ride

I am certainly glad to ride this road at last, the boss at the hydropower project told me about it a while back and its been on my list of roads to ride around here

It comes out on the 201 22 kms later, I turn left and 1 km later its the junction with the 203, I head towards Loei and after Phu Ruea I turn left onto the 2399 to enjoy this brilliant road once again today

The start of the best road in the vicinity, an enjoyable return trip but somehow it seems a bit more awesome riding it out of Chiang Khan, the sudden drop going down some of the hills is missing on the return trip. I return to Chiang Khan on exactly the same route that I left on this morning

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