Jan 262010

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 2115, 2399, 203, 2294, 2195, 4007, 2013, 203, 2174, 203, 201

Total distance 319 km

The Mekong from my guest house

I take the 201 south for about five km then take a right onto the 2154

I cross over this river as I approach a village

At the 2154s end I turn left onto the 4014

The roads a bit potholed in places

Eight km later I take a right onto the brilliant 2399

As I am going up a steep hill I see these turds in the road

I am glad that this monster wasnt rolling down the hill as if it was and I had hit it then I really would have been in the shyte

Stunning scenery along this brilliant road, one of the best roads in this area thats for sure

More bends and rollercoasters but thankfully no more turds

After 9.7 km theres a crossroads with the 3003, the 3003 appears to have priority so take care along here

I noticed these two tractors ploughing

The hill is really steep and I guess its not possible to plough going uphill like normal

I reach the 2115 and turn right onto it then 1.2 km later take a left back onto the 2399

More people should ride this when in the area, I never see it getting mentioned in anyones trip reports, a shame really

The last rollercoaster before I reach the 203

I turn right onto the 203 and soon stop at a steakhouse to view their menu, here this yapping poodle comes out to greet me

Then this big quiet friendly one appears

I am in serious danger of being licked to death here

I ride on and just past Phu Ruea I take a right onto the 2294 and this is a good bendy road too

As I stop for a picture this mangy looking dog appears

I stop at the hydropower project and the water level is low

Last time I was here everything was ready to go but the team doing the commissioning still hadnt arrived from the UK so it couldnt start operating. Today I see its fully functional and working

The concrete pipe that the water runs through is well hidden

The tunnel through the cliff is now completely concealed and you would never know that it was there. For at least the past seven years since I first rode here it was just an open hole

I ride down to the electricity producing bit and even more dogs come running out

Apparently the commissioning only took place last month so its only been operational since then and I am told that the water level is very low and theres only enough water pressure to run one of the two turbines. They seem to think that it might not work in the next month or two until the rains come, it seems a lot of work for nothing if it cant operate all year round

Once this water joins the river theres a bit more of a flow to it

I ride on enjoying more of the 2294

I reach the 2195 and turn left onto it

Less than 1 km later I take a left onto the 4007

Another twisty road but its a bit bumpy in places

A few rollercoasters along here too

I reach the 2013 and turn left onto it then just up the road it reaches the 203 and I do a right

About eight km along and I take a left onto the 2174 signposted to Ban Wang Yao, this is a road that I have meant to ride for some time but never got around to it, today I did finally ride it

I dont know what this is all about, lots of statues of chickens, I must make sure that I dont run one over as perhaps they are a sacred breed around here

Great scenery along here alright

I am descending into Ban Wang Yao

Theres a road carrying on for another six km that I follow

It reaches another village

Times getting on and I have a long ride back so I dont look to see if the road goes any further, that will have to wait for another time. I ride back to Ban Wang Yao and there are two other roads leading to somewhere so a return visit will be in order sometime in the future. I make my way back to the 203 and take it to Loei, here I take the 201 back to Chiang Khan

Pork steak, fries, onions, mushrooms and bread tonight at Tong Khong guest house, 250 Baht for this lot

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