Nov 112008

The Route 201, 2016

Total Distance 299 km

It was straight down the 201 today through Loei to Wang Saphung, I stopped here for a bite to eat then it was on the 2016 and once past Phu Luang up into the hills

All of todays photos are from the 2016

I was introduced to this great road when I was in Udon Thani last year and went out with Ray and the Udon guys on one of their saturday trips

Notice the waterfall in the middle of the above picture, I dont remember seeing it the last time I rode here, but that was later on in the holiday

The scenery up here is really great as you can see

The road is also top notch all the way with lots of good twisting curves that would suit any type of bike

I reach the junction with the 2216, turn around and return to Chiang Khan the way I came, enjoying the 2016s delights a second time

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