Apr 092009

The route 211, 2348, 2021, Hwy 2

Total distance 218 km


The Mekong is well and truly low now, the owner of the guesthouse in Chiang Khan reckons its lower than usual

The 211 is a bumpy not very pleasant road for about 40 km then gets better

ROUTE 2348

I had planned on getting an early start and riding to Wang Saphung then across the mountains and a nice long ride to Udon. I was up early alright but for the wrong reasons, I reckon that the dirty ditch water that I swallowed yesterday when the kids threw it at me was to blame, Something played havoc with my insides alright and it was a trip to the pharmacy for some Imodium first thing. After a couple of hours I felt confident enough to leave. I would like to pass on two pieces of advice, the first one is not really applicable to Thailand, its Never Eat Yellow Snow, the second piece of advice is dont swallow any water thats thrown at you by kids along the roadside during Songkran as its probably come out of a ditch and possibly their water supply has been replenished by the same ingredient that turns snow yellow

Todays ride was just hot and sweaty, I have been saying lately thats its not really hot, it certainly was today or perhaps it was just me being under the weather

I needed a break from the heat and these rubber trees made a nice bit of shade. I ride on and at Ban Phue I take the 2021 which takes me to hwy 2 then a right here and on to Udon

I took the Phantom in for a service at PP Motorcycles and noticed that there were a few new big Hondas in the showroom

They usually have a 750 Shadow in here but now theres more big bikes

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