Mar 182010

The route 201, 2016, 2216, Hwy 12, 2181, 203, 2399, 2115, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201

Total distance 498 km

I took the 201 from Chiang Khan past Loei and as far as Wang Saphung, here it was the 2016 to ride up in the hills

Not far out of Wang Saphung and to my right is this Buddah that I have never noticed before

The haze is really here now

Still hazy even when a lot nearer

The roads getting twisty already

Plenty of fires around now

A fantastic ride along this road whatever bike you ride

This pratt is getting another fire going

This route up through here doesnt get mentioned much which is a shame as its really good plus the scenery is brilliant at the right time of the year

Theres road widening going on at the junction with the 2216, I turn left onto the 2216 and its a dicey surface to start with as theres loose gravel everywhere

Then after a few km its back to a good surface

Plenty of these along here

Then theres this brilliant new surface for a fair way, once the road widening and resurfacing is complete this will be an awesome road

I reach hwy 12 and turn right onto it

This is a good twisty section that is surprisingly pretty much devoid of traffic

A couple of photos from a viewpoint

I take a right onto the 2181 and ride into Lom Sak then take the 203 which is great after a while

More fires along here, the 203 really gets twisty but times getting on and I have a long way to ride so no more photos along here

Past Phu Ruea and its a left onto the 2399 to enjoy this brilliant road again

A road that I will never tire of, I ride to its finish then take the 4014, 2154 and 201 back to Chiang Khan after a much longer ride than I anticipated

Pork and pasta tonight for 150 Baht

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  1. Excellent photo report.  Love going up to Chiang Khan and hang out along the Mekong River. A whole different Thailand up there.

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