Dec 162008

The Route 201, 203, 3010 203, 2013, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1245, 1244, 1047, hwy 11

Total Distance 351 km

I decided to take the 201 and 203 today as I like the 203 and havent rode this route for quite a while, the main reason being the brilliant 2399 usually gets my vote

The 203 a couple of kms out of Loei

I take a right onto the 3010, there is a sign for rafting at Long Phae 4 km along this road, there is a viewpoint at the top of a hill where I took this photo

I guess thats where the rafting is

Its certainly a nice bendy road along here

A few hairpins along this stretch

Theres these floating rafts here but no sign of any other kind, I turn round and ride back to the 203, I will have to explore the rest of this road another time

Back on the excellent 203

Shame about the haze

This is one fine fun road in brilliant condition

I take the 2013 towards Dan Sai

This is a really twisty section, great riding along here

At Nakhon Thai I take a right onto the 1143

This road really comes into its own after Chat Trakan heading towards Uttaradit

Hardly any traffic either.

At the junction with the 1246 I take a right then at the junction with the 1214 its a left and within 1 km a right onto the 1245. At the junction with the 1244 its a right and at the junction with the 1047 its a left, this takes me to Hwy 11 where I turn left and ride into Uttaradit

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