Mar 192010

The route 201, 2108, 2249, 2138, Unknown, 201, 2250, 2400, 2141, 201

Total distance 342 km

I took the 201 south for about twenty km then took a left onto the 2108, after a couple of km this gets nice and twisty

Its a shame the haze is here but looking in the paper I see its a lot worse around Mae Hong Son

I cant fault this road

I take a right onto the 2249

Near the finish its a great new surface with rollercoasters, at the junction with the 2138 I turn left onto it

Two or three km later I take a right onto an unnumbered road, its a bit hit and miss along here, it starts off alright then goes to potholes then its a mixture of asphalt and a loose surface for a fair way

Finally its a good surface leading to Wang Saphung

I reach the 201 at Wang Saphung and turn left onto it

After a few km I take a right onto the 2250

Now this is a good surface

After about twenty km I reach a crossroads and I take the left which is still numbered the 2250 to ride to Nong Hin. This starts off as a good surface but soon deteriorates into potholes and a crap surface for a while, then its an okay road to Nong Hin

At Nong Hin I turn right onto the 201 then almost immediatelt take a left onto the 2400

I like this road and theres some decent bends along it

I take a right onto the 2141 and some fires burning in places

The 2141 is a funny road, narrow and a rough surface in places then good in others. I ride on until I loop back to the 201 where I turn right and stay on this road back to Chiang Khan

Pork steak, chips and onions tonight for 200 baht

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