Jan 272010

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 2113, 2013, 2010, 4008, 1248, 4008, 2010, 2013, 203, 2399, 4014, Unknown, 201

Total distance 405 km

I took the 201 then a left onto the 2154 and at this roads end a right onto the 4014. at the T junction with the 2195 I took a right and one km later took a left also onto the 2195 to follow the border towards na haeo

i see plenty of tapioca being harvested around here now

The 2195 is quite narrow along here but enjoyable just the same

I am riding along the hueng now

A twisty section in the distance

At the finish of the 2195 I turn left onto the 2113 and ride into na haeo where its time to stop for a break and a snack

Theres some good bends along this fine road as well

great scenery along here too

At dan Sai I take a right onto the 2013

And theres some sharp bends along here to start with

That water looks a bit muddy, I guess thats because of the recent rains around here

About twenty five km out from Dan Sai I take a right onto the 2010, I have often wondered where this road led to and today was the time to find out

It certainly starts off promising enough and just after the first village it narrows and becomes the 4008

I dont see any people wearing white hoods so I imagine that KKK means something totally different around here

After eighteen km the 4008 meets the 1248 and I turn right onto it

The scenery is looking good ahead and this is another new road for me today as well

Theres a steep climb up around these bends

Stunning views and scenery from up here I can tell you

I reach Ban Wang Khiri and ride through it for about six km until the asphalt road finishes, then theres only this gravel track and its time to turn around

The people living around here certainly have lovely views

This was the sign at the end of the asphalt road

I ride back to Ban Wang Khiri and stop at a shop next to the school

This teacher spoke good English, i asked her where the road next to the school went and she said about fifteen km to another village then it finishes. I dont have time to explore any more today, I noticed another road going off the 1248 that went for 18 km so they can both be explored on my next visit

I say goodbye then ride back to Dan Sai the way that I came

A photo from a viewpoint on the 2013, I take a left onto the 203 and ride to phu ruea

Just past phu Ruea I take a left onto the 2399 to enjoy it in the opposite direction

Unfortunately times getting on as I went a lot further than I realised and its not the best light for photos now

Brilliant fun both ways is the 2399

At the end of the 2399 I take a left onto the 4014 and after 4.3 km I take a right onto an unnumbered road which I am told also goes back towards chiang khan, its too dark now for any pictures. Its not a bad road to start with then it gets a bit potholed, after 10.1 km I reach the 201 about thirteen km south of Chiang khan

Another pork and pasta meal tonight for 150 baht

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