Mar 202010

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 2294, 203, 2399, 4014, 2154, 201

Total distance 243 km

I take the 201 for about five km then its a right onto the 2154

A pleasant back road that has a few potholes but nothing to worry about

Just before a village I cross over the river but not much water in it now, I reach the 4014 and turn right onto it then not far along here its a right onto the 2195 and I ride on to Ban Tha Di Mi to visit the Mekong/Hueng confluence

The Mekongs low but still has a fair flow to it and I can only wonder at its depth

The Hueng doesnt have much water at all

Looking across the Mekong to Laos and fires there too

Down on the bank of the hueng

Another shot from the top of the hill

Riding along the narrow 2195

I come upon a couple of monks who want a photo with me

Lots of burning in Laos across the Hueng

This is a good road that I like very much plus the scenery is great at the right time of the year

I ride down to Ban Nong Phu and here people are walking across the Hueng to Laos

Along the roadside

The low flow of the Hueng

I take a left onto the 2294 to enjoy this road again

At the 2294s end I take a left onto the 203 and ride through Phu Ruea

Then its a left onto the 2399

Very hazy now

The jewel in Chiang Khans crown

No excuse is needed to travel along this very fine specimen of asphalt as often as possible

And I will be riding along it again tomorrow in the opposite direction, I managed to get the Phantom up to 140 kph down one of its hills today

At the all too soon finish of this fantastic road its a left onto the 4014 then eight km later a right onto the 2154 then a left onto the 201 and back to Chiang Khan

These cute dogs were parked outside my guest house

Today I paid Islam a very deep insult indeed, I asked for and ate a pork massaman, hopefully theres not a fatwa on my head now

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