Dec 212007
Todays trip was to take another ride on a good road in the mountains south west of Loei that I rode with some of the Udon Guys a couple of weeks ago

I took the 201 to Loei then stayed on it to Wang Saphung, its okay as far as Loei but then just a boring dual carriagrway for the rest of the way. At Wang Saphung I head east for a couple of km then its a right onto the 2250

The 2250 is a nice road once you get a few kms along it

I reach a T junction with the 2016 and turn left onto it

This in my opinion is the best road around here scenery wise

Brilliant scenery and a reasonable surface make this a really enjoyable trip

If this doesnt excite you then you are already dead

I reach the end of this brilliant road and at the T junction with the 2216 I turn right, what a disappointment this road was and I didnt even bother taking any pictures. The other section if I had turned left is a lot better but not the way back to Chiang Khan unfortunately

After about 25 km I hit the 203 and take the right turn which takes me back to Loei, this a much nicer road with lots of twists plus much better scenery

At Loei I take the 201 back to Chiang Khan. Todays trip was a very pleasant one of about 350 km

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