Dec 212010

The route 211, 2108, 2414, 2348, 2021, 4018, 2263

Total distance 235 km

A lazy 11am ride out from Chiang Khan this morning following the Mekong for a while

Enjoyable as the 211 is, today I found it rather busier than usual plus some resurfacing going on in places

I keep on promising myself that some day I will be out here in the wet season to see it full with my own eyes

On a much better surfaced section now, I ride to Pakchom then take a right onto the 2108

This wasnt here on my last ride along here

I wonder where that leads to, I will check it out in a further visit when the concrete road is finished

Some good bends along this road

I ride past a lot of vehicles gathered with a nasty pong in the air, suddenly I realise its this rubber making the smell

I stop for a break and make a new friend straightaway

The Huai Hin Sai Reservoir along the 2348, I take a right onto the 4018 and ride to Kut Chap and from there its the 2263 to Udon where I check in at the Si Sawat Hotel for 160 Baht at N17.24.535 E10247.489

Its dinner tonight at the Zap Buffet Steak for 130 Baht at N17.24.158 E102.48.241

Includes ice cream.

Get the gdb file here …


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  1. Thanks Richard

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