Feb 092008

I headed north through Chiang Dao then took the 1178 to my left a few kms out of town

After about 10km it was a left onto the 1322 which is a dam fine road

Its good quality tarmac with lots of bends like this all the way to Wiang Haeng

I came across quite a few of these today as well

The scenery up here is brilliant as well and still very green, no fires up here yet

A very enjoyable road this one, doesnt this road get ridden much as apart from Bens report recently I dont see much written about this road. I must admit its only my second time doing this loop myself

I first saw these just after getting on the 1322 and we passed one another quite a few times until they stopped in Wiang Haeng, this kid didnt just ride on the bike she just didnt stop looking around and she must obviously appreciate the scenery

I stopped twice to get their picture but both times I was too slow so it had to be taken whilst riding alongside them

Each time I neared them she looked around, I shudder to think of them being involved in an accident though, she would get catapulted a long way

After Wiang Haeng I ride on up to the Burmese border, this is still a pleasant ride up here

I backtrack from the border and after about 10 km its a left onto the 1178 which is tarmac for 2 km then like this for 16 km

Some decent bends here, shame it isnt tarmac though

The scenery makes up for the surface though

In places I could make reasonable progress but in others it was very slow going with a very loose surface

It returns to tarmac for a nice exciting 17 km stretch of fun

I have got this to look forward to in the distance

This is the photo that does justice to this road, unfortunately to get to it you have to do some rough stuff as well. Do it anti clockwise then its only 4 km of unsurfaced road then you can ride this until the surface finishes then turn around and enjoy it again

Its never ending like this

After my 17 km of seriously good fun its back to the rough, but only for 3 km this time

But the scenery never deteriorates

I get back to tarmac for 4 km then its 1 km of rough then tarmac all the way on from then

I am now out of the mountains and heading for the checkpoint where I will turn left for Arunothai

I am now on the 1340 and heading towards Doi Ang Khang, I pick up some Thai youth who is looking for a lift back to Mae Ai so its the 1340 to just before Doi Ang Khang then a right onto the 1249 until I reach the 107 then its a left and on into Fang where my grateful passenger gets dropped off.
Todays ride was brilliant, the long 16 km section of rough would not be much fun on a road bike but on a dual purpose its okay, if only this road was completed in tarmac it would definitely be one of the best loops around but nothing has been done to the surface since I last did this loop two years ago

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