Mar 032011
Yala To Satun

The route 409, 4072, 4018, 2028, 4085, 42, 4145, 4135, 4287, 406 Total distance 260 km After four enjoyable nights in Yala it was time to move on, I was a bit apprehensive about staying in Yala because of events in the south but a chance meeting with an Army officer who spoke excellent English put me at ease. He told me downtown Yala is completely safe and that was where I was staying, eating and doing the internet. My LP book says it wins lots of awards for being Thailands cleanest city and yes I was impressed by this […]

Mar 022011
Yala To The West And Songkhla Province

The route 410, 4077, 4176, 4070, 4085, 4012, 4095, 4001, 4113, 4243, Hwy 4, 4145, 42, 409 Total distance 387 km These two were sat outside the 7-11 this morning, perhaps they are used to being fed here Along the 4077 at N06.16.462 E101.15.043, this is Thum Chan Khuha A few dogs here following me around Now to ride this pleasant twisty road This young lady was very friendly and chatty, mind you I have no idea what she was chattting about Another one of those communist monuments and this is a new one which wasnt here when I rode […]

Mar 012011
Yala To The South West

The route 410, 3016, 3005, 4176, 4070, 2002, 2005, 4001, 4095, 4085, 4065, 409, Total distance 276 km Out on the 410 at Ta Bing Ting Ngi I stop for breakfast, 30 Baht The owner cruelly left these doughnuts on the table in front of me so it would have been rude not to eat one, only 5 Baht Out on an unnumbered side road Now on the 3005 and a new road for me Its a good surface and lovely views too This is a funny looking tree At the top of a hill theres a track to my […]

Feb 282011
Yala-Suk Tha Lai Waterfall-Chulabhorn Phattana9-Yala

The route 410, 3012, 3009, 3048, Total distance 258 km I took the 410 south then after about 35 km took a left onto the 3012 to visit the Suk Tha Lai Waterfall Then I carry on riding along this narrow twisty road hoping to join the 4273 I bet theres a good view from up there The road turns to dirt and I end up looping back to the 410 I take a left onto the 3009 and ride past the Bang Lang Dam to ride the road that skirts it This massive reservoir is only 1-2 metres below […]

Feb 272011
Betong To Yala

The route 410, 3016, Total distance 197 km A chicken phad phet for breakfast then it was time to move out of Betong I was away just after 7.30 and it was a bit misty in the hills A lovely view and its not cold either A couple of shots of the 410s curves, theres a bridge being built that will cut off 11 km of the twistiest section of this road from N06.02.817 E101.11.861 to N06.03.722 E101.11.646 but that should mean that most traffic will use the bridge and this twisty section will have virtually no traffic on it […]