Dec 202010
Uttaradit-A Scenic Ride To Chiang Khan

The route 1047, 1244, 1245, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1237, 1268, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201 Total distance 341 km A nice early 8am start and out along the 1143 the workers are busy in the fields A bit of low cloud but its not cold A shot from the lovely 1143 At Chat Trakarn I take a left onto the 1237 Not far along here I come across this squashed Banded Krait, this was one unlucky fellow as hardly any traffic is on this road even in the daytime and as this is a nocturnal snake it probably got hit by […]

Dec 192010
Uttaradit-Khwae Noi Bamrungdan Dam-Offroad-Uttaradit

The route Hwy 11, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1296, 2036, 2015, 4028, 1245, 1244, 1047, 2022 Total distance 267 km At last the weather appears to be back to normal and today I was able to ride without wearing a pullover and tracksuit bottoms on under my airflow gear, plus the waterproof liners came out as well, in fact todays temperature was just perfect riding weather I took hwy 11 south for about 15 km then a left onto the 1214 Lots of brown water flowing today and this small reservoir is overflowing Now on the 1143 and what a fun […]

Dec 182010
Nan-The Scenic Route To Uttaradit+The Lao Border

The route 101, 3171, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1241, 1268, 1239, 1047 Total distance 379 km After 18 nights in Nan it was time to move on, an 8am start on a cloudy cold morning but at least it wasnt raining I take the 101 then the 3171 to Wiang Sa then its the 1026 to Na Noi before getting on the lovely 1083 where these pictures were taken after climbing to about 850 metres The cloud is beautiful when it looks like this and not pouring the wet stuff on me As usual I see more animals along this road […]

Mar 222010
Uttaradit Across To Mae Sot

The route 102, 1046, 1196, 1180, 1195, 1308. 1113, Hwy 12, Hwy 1, 105 Total distance 281 km First stop this morning was at Cockpit to try to get an annoying slow puncture finally fixed. It went flat on me going into Buri Ram a week ago today and the Michelin shop that plugged it for me didnt do a very good job and they needed three different dog shyte patches before it was deemed fixed. It lasted for three days before going down with a slight leak from around the dog shyte plug and needed pumping up twice a […]

Mar 212010
Chiang Khan - The 2399 - Uttaradit

The route 201, 2154, 4014, 2399, 203, 2013, 1143, 1246, 1214, 1244, 1047, Hwy 11 Total distance 313 km Time to move on and I have just spent probably my last night at the Tongkhong Guesthouse as Bens lease runs out at the end of the year and the owners want it back to change it. Sad really as I have been staying here for the last six years when I am in Chiang Khan I take the 201 for five km then its a right onto the 2154 followed by a left onto the 4014 then a right to […]

Jan 252010
Uttaradit To Chiang Khan Along The Lao Border

The route Hwy 11, 1045, 1146, 1047, 1239, 1268, 2113, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201 Total distance 321 km I take hwy 11 north for a few km then its a right onto the 1045, this road is pretty mundane for a while then perks up further along I like how they have done this I dont ride up to the top as I have been there countless times before and its not like it will be overflowing today Leaving the dam the road is now the 1146 and when it reaches the 1047 I turn left and ride to Nam […]

Jan 242010
Uttaradit - Kwainoi Dam - Chat Trakan - Uttaradit Loop

The route 1040, 1204, 1214, 1246, 1143, 1296, 2015, 4028, 11431246, 1214, 1204, Hwy11 Total distance 305 km We had a good spell of rain in Uttaradit last night so it was nice and fresh this morning with a fair few puddles about. I took the 1040 out of town then took a right onto the 1204 to Tron then a left onto the 1214 Hundreds of ducks in this field. Back in the nineties I stayed at a Thai friends house out in the wilds north of Suphanburi and the family had hundreds of ducks in the harvested rice […]

Jan 232010
Uttaradit Through The Mountain Offroad To Phrae - To Uttaradit

The route Hwy11, 1045, unknown, 1163, 1341, 4001, 1022, 101, 102 Total distance 282 km Todays trip was to try to find the road that goes across the mountains north of Tha Pla to Phrae. I took hwy11 north for a few km then took a right onto the 1045 and about fifteen km later I took a left onto an unnumbered road Hopefully those clouds dont drop their contents on me again today I reach the 1163 and turn left onto it A few km later just before Tha Pla I take a left onto the 1341 It doesnt […]

Jan 222010
A Wet Ride Taking The Scenic Route From Nan To Uttaradit

The route 101, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1047, 1268, 1239, 1047, Hwy 11 Total distance 321 km It was an overcast morning as I rode out of Nan, at Wiang Sa it was raining slightly and here I turned onto the 1026 to take the longer scenic route rather than the direct 101, hwy11 route. I ride to Na Noi in slight rain then take a left onto the 1083 and its looking misty in the hills At the viewpoint I cant see anything because of the low cloud, the roads are soaking but thankfully not slippery. As I am moving […]

Apr 212009
Uttaradit - Bhumibol Dam - Mae Sot

The route 102, 1046, 1196, 1180, 1048, 1113, 1056, 1327, Hwy12, 1107, 1175, 105 Total distance 403 km I took the 102 out of town for a couple of km then took a left onto the 1046, just rice fields out along here Ploughing for the next crop Along the 1327 and a cow appears from nowhere, runs across the road then runs along it, luckily nothing was about at the time and I was a fair distance away I reach hwy 12 and turn right onto it, last time I rode here there were lots of roadworks and it […]