14-11-16 Mae Sariang-New Tracks Around Mae Pang

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Nov 142016
14-11-16 Mae Sariang-New Tracks Around Mae Pang

Total distance 119 km The view heading down into Mae La Noi This track ends at the river I walk along the river bed but no trail can be seen I ride to the far end of Mae Pang then start to explore the tracks around it The track ends at this weir Not much water there though No point riding any further up A lovely view from up here On a different track and another weir but a very overgrown one A bit of single track now A log bridge over the reservoir overflow Finally I find a full […]

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Jan 252016
25-1-16 Mae Sot A Few New Tracks NE Of Town

Total distance 73 km A cold cloudy windy morning here in Mae Sot but then finally the sun appears with its much diminished powers The wind is making the reservoir look more like the sea Not quite so breezy along here A new road by the look of it At times the wind is blowing lots of dust up making things a bit unpleasant, it would have been better if it had rained hard last night just to keep the dust down These appear to be enjoying the cold weather about as much as I am The girl wearing the […]

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Nov 112015
11-11-15 Mae Sariang Two Explore New Tracks NE Of Town

Total distance 125 km The riders Christian Honda XR 250 Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 We follow a track I found three days ago to see if we can get any further as GE shows more tracks We follow this single track for a short while but it stops at the river so its time to go back Despite all the rain we had yesterday these tracks out in the open are dry We take a track south off the 1266 and find an unmapped dirt track along it so go for a look A small settlement at the end of […]

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Nov 042015

Total distance 101 km A clear fresh ride today after yesterdays rain I was surprised how dry it was under the trees A reservoir overflow This should be full now but the water is barely visible from here Finally I can see the very low water level I even find some mud I think I found more mud than the buffalo did A fun days riding and the GPS appears to work okay now Seen this around town a couple of times and decided to try it out https://www.facebook.com/MobileFishA…s/?pnref=story Look here for the locations and times Double fish with large […]

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Nov 012015
1-11-15 A Short Trip Due To A Dead GPS

Good scenery very soon off of the 118 Offroad is easy to find close to Chiang Mai Just past here and the GPS died, it wont power from the cable and once the batteries died it conked out. Buying new batteries from a shop was pointless as it wont fire up from fresh batteries but needs a jump start from a computer or other power source, bloody annoying A Khao soi from Kanjana, very tasty too 75 Baht

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Oct 312015
31-10-15 Mooching About Near Doi Saket Day 2

Total distance 103 km Not much water again today A good selection of surfaces to ride on today Sand, gravel and dirt made up todays tracks This track was a bit overgrown but went through Saturday and the kids are happy swimming and playing in the irrigation canal Probably not the best thing to do to a bike A large moo hunglay and double rice 100 Baht

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Oct 302015

Total distance 80 km First ride out this trip and breakfast is required They even put an egg on it today without me asking for one, 40 Baht and I was fed. A visit to my masseuse friend was next where I had a relaxing 2 hour massage for 300 Baht, she has been teaching it for years and is the best I know Now to explore between the 118 and the Mae Kueng reservoir Clear and green at the moment It was pleasant riding along these quiet back roads Once I started off road I was surprised at how […]

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Mar 242015
24-3-15 Two Go To The Mae Ping NP And The Koh Luang Waterfall

Total distance 367 km The riders Lisa and Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 An early start this morning, we left Chiang Mai at 7am and here at our breakfast stop between Lamphun and Li this friendly pup wanted to play We ride to the Mae Ping NP and here my Thai DL gets both of us and the bike in for a total of 60 Baht to enter the Koh Luang waterfall Some food was purchased then it was a few minutes walk to the Koh Luang waterfall Already some visitors This would be much nicer in early november Lisa ready […]

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Mar 092015
Nan 9-3-15 Two Go To Pha Phueng Cliff And Cave

Total distance 228 km The riders Lisa and Colin Kawasaki KLX 150 Lisa who I met in Nan a year ago has returned so off we go to find a cliff and cave. Heres Lisa inspecting the tobacco In Manee Pruek. The KLX 150 managed the trip alright and was more comfortable than I expected it to be Time to walk to the cave One of the locals who spoke some English wanted to show us the cave so we gladly agreed Apparently in the wet season there is a lot of water flowing through here I had visions of […]

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Feb 222015
Mae Sot 22-2-15 New Tracks East Of Town Day 5

Total distance 96 km A well laden truck heads towards me After two days of attempting to get to Ban Tam Sia by a different track I finally succeed today, on the other occasion side tracks took the day up They seem happy with the new chick I ride around the Pha Deang mining project, a friend who lives here thought it was finished, perhaps it is and they are merely tarting it up so it doesn’t look an eyesore Fuel in Ban Tam Sia He walks by with his gun while I am stopped for lunch, I hear a […]

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