Nov 132012
Umphang To Mae Sot On A Cool Day

The Route 1090 Total distance 188 km A cloudy cool ride out from Umphang and I was prepared for rain along the way but thankfully it stayed dry. When I was last here there was talk of the coming 7-11, but at the moment it still hasnt happened, the latest is that it will open some time in january It is starting to brighten up a bit now Now looking better still Up in the hills and visibility is good with nice clean air The KLX and especially the GPS is of interest to these guys The refuge camp along […]

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Nov 122012
Umphang-Hiking In The Mountains+Palatha Waterfall

The Route 1090 Total distance 81km on the KLX and 6-7 hiking I get up for an early start then its starts chucking it down, just what I dont need today It stops raining and I ride into town for breakfast and here it rains heavily again, I get some fruit and hang around for about 15 minutes and by then its nearly stopped and looking brighter in the distance Todays destination Heres the start of my hiking point at N15 57.725 E098 50.876, the GPS shows this as 887 m but I forgot to recoed the mileage here so […]

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Nov 112012
Mae Sot To Umphang-Not Many Photos

The Route 1090, 1167, 1288 Total distance 278 km Breakfast was at the Tea Shop at N16 42.857 E098 34.167 right opposite the Mosque on Intharakhin Road A chicken curry was enjoyed here and a very nice meal too for 45 Baht Out on the 1098 and I was hoping to get lots of photos with good visibility today Its much clearer than on my last trip down here Sadly after this photo my battery died despite being on charge this morning, the day went downhill from then on. I reached my guesthouse in Umphang by two, put the battery […]

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Feb 192012
Umphang Back To Mae Sot

The Route 1090 Total Distance 178 km After six nights in Umphang it was time to leave, this trip I discovered a hell of a lot more from riding offroad whilst here and theres plenty of tracks I never got round to trying so plenty left for the next visit here A few shots from just out of my guest house First stop was Dot Com for breakfast, I asked for eggs and toast but I guess as I always have raw onions with my meals here she assumed I wanted them with my breakfast too, after frying them it […]

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Feb 182012
Umphang-Offroad From Mae Chan To Tilochi + A Burmese Village

The Route 1090, 1167, 1288 Total Distance 145 km I ride out of Umphang for about 45 km and at Mae Chan take a right onto a concrete road, this cute pup was the first shot of the day This concrete road goes for a short way Then turned to dirt at N16.02.148 E098.39.096 Just past these ducks I take a right onto a track heading towards the border, the road ahead turns to concrete Not far along here is a village and fuel is sold here at N16.02.164 E098.38.162 Along this track I turn right and ride to the […]

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Feb 172012
Offroad Around Umphang And The Pa La Tha Waterfall

The Route 1090 Total Distance 110 km First stop was breakfast but no moo hunglay again and I was told theres only one place in town that has it. I had a gai phad kapow instead but instead of using raw chicken they used already cooked chicken, it tasted okay though and was 30 Baht Now to explore some off road, I take the 1090 towards Pa La Tha then take a left at N16.01.003 E098.51.289 and here the surface turns to unpaved I stop here for this photo and I am immediately surrounded by flies I guess this was […]

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Feb 162012
Some Dirt Tracks Off The 1288 South Of Umphang

The Route 1090, 1167, 1288 Total Distance 222 km I get off just past 8am and its a cold ride for an hour or so I ride out for 80 km towards the Poeng Kloeng border then take a left onto a concrete road that goes down to Ban Kui Loeto I ride around the village and theres fuel here at N15.49.603 E098.38.906 A bridge leads out of the village across the Mae Chan river Then the road turns to unpaved at N15.49.542 E098.38.922 Plenty of workers to get this building up These appear to want my photo Another one […]

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Feb 152012
Umphang To Ban Poeng Kloeng And A Ride Inside Burma

The Route 1090, 1167, 1288 Total Distance 208 km First thing was breakfast at a restaurant in town at N16.01.074 E098.51.787 I am in luck today, they have some moo hunglay left, its very well cooked here and I have used this restaurant for this meal quite a few times before This was quite a spicy one, 30 Baht lighter I am full and off I set The 1288 is a road that you never know its condition until you ride it, I have been along here before with a real bad surface for most of the way, today its […]

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Feb 142012
Umphang To South Of Pa La Tha

The Route 1090 Total Distance 123 km A shot of the 1090 heading towards Pa La Tha I ride around the small village of Pa La Tha Then its down to the river and a new suspension bridge has been put up since I was here two years ago I get halfway across then this guy rides over Thankfully the bridge is quite stable and he passes easily enough Fuel is available from hand pumps at N15.50.492 E098.51.123 and at N15.50.276 E098.51.163 Now its time for breakfast in the village at N15.50.298 E098.51.046 No chicken here but they had pork, […]

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Feb 132012
Mae Sot To Umphang Plus A Short Trip Into Burma

The Route 1090, 1167 Total Distance 240 km Once I get a fair way out along the 1090 it quietens right down to a lovely twisty road with not too much traffic on it Plenty of these on todays ride Quite a few water crossings in total today Its been two years since I last rode down to Umphang but I dont remember seeing this building abondoned and in this state before The view from the scenic viewpoint I check in at the Umphang guest house at N16.00.229 E098.52.128 where I have always stayed when in Umphang The grounds, and […]

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