Jan 292014
Wales September 2008

Trip on 7th & 8th september 2008 In early september after a wet summer we had a week of virtually non stop rain, I got rained off of work on wednesday and again on friday. Saturday rained all day again then the forecast was clearing up on sunday afternoon for a couple of days so I decided to take another trip to Wales. I questioned my sanity as I loaded up the Harley with my camping gear and then rode 300+km in the rain, as I crossed over into Wales it stopped raining and actually brightened up a bit, now […]

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May 182009
Wales July 2008

One of my camping trips in Wales from last summer

Riding in Wales is similar to the north of Thailand

Nice twisty roads up over the mountains around the Brecon Beacons

Lots of reservoirs around in the Elan valley

They were all just under maximum capacity and I am told to visit in february if I wish to see them overflowing, much as I would like to see it the thought of spending a winter in the UK is a horrifying thought

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