Jan 292014
Wales September 2008

Trip on 7th & 8th september 2008 In early september after a wet summer we had a week of virtually non stop rain, I got rained off of work on wednesday and again on friday. Saturday rained all day again then the forecast was clearing up on sunday afternoon for a couple of days so I decided to take another trip to Wales. I questioned my sanity as I loaded up the Harley with my camping gear and then rode 300+km in the rain, as I crossed over into Wales it stopped raining and actually brightened up a bit, now […]

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Aug 272012
UK Bikes, Cars, Steam Engines And Farm Machinery Photos

A few 2 strokes to start off with from wednesday evening ride outs Back in the 70s all mopeds had to have pedals 1975/76 The Suzuki 250 X7 which was apparently faster than the old GT 250 that it replaced 1981/82 A lot of peoples favourite, the Kettle, as it was affectionately known Another 1975/76 bike A very non standard rear disc brake and mag wheels A Honda 750 F2 I believe I have never seen this particular model before A dry sunny day yesterday on bank holiday sunday and a ride out was enjoyed Going through a village I […]

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Aug 062012
Bikes And Aeroplanes In The UK

Another selection of photos from wednesday nights and sunday rides out This Ducati is from 1972/73 Not the genuine speedometer by the looks of it 1976/77 I dont see too many of these Panthers out and about Well it amused me This was stopped roadside and I stopped to see if the rider needed help, he had run out of fuel and his mate had gone to get some Apparently its a Dresda 500 Suzuki thats been well tuned, is very light, goes well and has a very bad thirst Although the registration plate says 1976/77 the owner said it […]

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Jun 222012
Wednesday Nights Bike Photos

Another selection of bikes from wednesday nights ride out Can anyone tell me what this Yamaha is, was or is made up from? The plate says its from 1987/88 One of my neighbours turns up most wednesdays on a different old bike every so often, this week it was on this old 750cc Harley from 1937 A couple of CCMs Anyone fancy this for a motard? This Yamaha triple is from 1980/81 so is it a 750 or 850cc? An ex police Norton rotary 1987/88, the owner wearing the glasses was a very friendly chatty guy who told me he […]

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Jun 222012
Mooching Around In The UK

A nice picturesque house up for sale A lot of pleasant villages that I ride through regularly on my rides out westwards from my home have scenery like this This is a bed and breakfast rather than a family home that I first thought it was Now to enjoy some twisties heading north west up into Berkshire and Oxfordshire My picnic and turnaround point in sunny Oxfordshire A snap of Hungerford in Berkshire, the scene of that terrible massacre back in 1987. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungerford_massacre Hungerford is a pleasant peaceful place to ride through and when I rode through it in 1987 […]

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Jun 222012
Lulworth Cove Dorset UK

Works a bit tight this week and as we had a couple of niceish days I went out riding some of my favourite routes The road leading down into Lulworth Cove in Dorset It was busier here then I expected for a weekday but a few school trips today by the look of it The temptation was there for fish&chips or a burger&fries but the healthy option prevailed, its paying off as over the last six weeks I have lost 7kg or just over a stone I started riding down here back in the mid 1970s in my teens and […]

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Jun 222012
Customised Hondas UK

A couple of customised Hondas I have seen recently Never before have I ever seen a Honda CBX other than in original condition Not my personal cup of tea but its certainly an unusual custom The owner said the later pro link model isnt as sought after or worth as much as the original twin shock model so he was happy to modify it The owner with his girlfriend, I found it amusing that while he lives near Bournemouth some 130 km from my home he brings it to a guy about 4 km from my home who is the […]

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Jun 032012
A Hot Spell In The UK

Some more bike photos from rides out on wednesday evenings, some of them will have been put on here before but I am sure nobody minds seeing them again The hooligan bike from years ago This immaculate condition one is from 1981/82 64000 km and its still in mint condition The oil on the ground tells me its an original and not an Oriental copy The first one of these 1200 Triumphs that I have seen out on the road 1975/76 and some learner riders pride and joy What a colour scheme We have been enjoying a mini heatwave here […]

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May 142012
A Cold Weekends Riding In The UK

Believe it or not the last time I went out for a fun ride was on 27th march in the lovely warmth of Chiang Mai, its done nothing but rain with cold wind added since I returned home on 29th march. The Harley has only been out twice before this year to get its MOT, however something has gone wrong with the weather and we have had four consecutive days of no rain, its still cold and well below average temperature but at least its riding weather. Below are a selection of photos taken over the weekend on two separate […]

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May 182009
Wales July 2008

One of my camping trips in Wales from last summer

Riding in Wales is similar to the north of Thailand

Nice twisty roads up over the mountains around the Brecon Beacons

Lots of reservoirs around in the Elan valley

They were all just under maximum capacity and I am told to visit in february if I wish to see them overflowing, much as I would like to see it the thought of spending a winter in the UK is a horrifying thought

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