Dec 242010
Udon Thani-A Busy Ride To Si Saket

The route Hwy 2, 2023, 2231, 2152, 2039, 2110, 209, 2116, 214, 2043, 2227, 4014, 2351, 3097, 4045, 2373 Total distance 365 km A horrendous amount of traffic was swarming into Udon this morning at 8am as I left, in fact I thought the roads were pretty busy all day today and this first picture wasnt taken until past Roi Et Well out in the farming countryside now This chap appeared to be enjoying himself, rather him than me Quite a lot of burning has already taken place out here Now well out the other side of Roi Et the […]

Dec 232010
Udon-The Temple In The Hills-Ubonrat Reservoir-Udon Loop

The route 210, 2315, 4019, 4022, 2146, 4013, 4014, 2015, Hwy 12, 2038, 2133, 3175, 4006, 3002 Total distance 330 km I took the 210 heading west out of town then after about 30 km it was a left onto the 2315, along here I spot this quite impressive entrance Not such a good picture from the other side The road becomes the 4019 and at N17.04.869 E102.34.785 I take a right onto an unnumbered road that later becomes the 4022 4 km later at N17.03.158 E102.33.827 I stop at the temple on the hill thats under construction Evidence of […]

Dec 222010
Udon-Kumphawapi-Nam Phung Reservoir-Udon

The route Hwy 2, 2023, 2393, 227, 2218, 213, 2041, 227, 2289, 2023, Hwy 2 Total distance 432 km After heading south on hwy 2 and turning left onto the 2023 I take a left onto the 2393 and heres where the fun begins Agricultural country out here with lots of farm machnery and sugar cane laden lorries on the road today The red tree looked quite striking from where I was standing The 2393 is a very pleasant road to ride and a nice refreshing breeze along it today Now along the 227 and a few rollercoasters along here […]

Dec 212010
Chiang Khan-Along The Mekong And Over The Hills To Udon Thani

The route 211, 2108, 2414, 2348, 2021, 4018, 2263 Total distance 235 km A lazy 11am ride out from Chiang Khan this morning following the Mekong for a while Enjoyable as the 211 is, today I found it rather busier than usual plus some resurfacing going on in places I keep on promising myself that some day I will be out here in the wet season to see it full with my own eyes On a much better surfaced section now, I ride to Pakchom then take a right onto the 2108 This wasnt here on my last ride along […]

Mar 172010
Udon Thani - Nong Khai - Along The Mekong To Chiang Khan

The route Hwy 2, 211 Total distance 248 km It was hwy 2 straight up to Nong Khai and to the friendship bridge to check on the Mekongs water level In november I have seen the water level up on the main pillars and at other times at various levels on the wider concrete part but today is the first time that I have ever seen the wider concrete part completely out of the water I wonder if its shallow enough to walk across now A few km further up river and its a narrow flow here Plenty of sand […]

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Mar 162010
Cross Country From Buri Ram To Udon Thani

The route 2074, 202, 2061, 207, 2233, 2199, 229, 2062, 1011, 208, 2237, 2152, 2231, 2023, Hwy 2 Total distance 438 km A small pizza for 75 Baht from Muang Pizza at the night bazaar for breakfast this morning, not bad too Then its out of town on the 2074 towards Phutthaisong A few curves along here but not that many, just before Phutthaisong its a left onto the 202, along here a few km and its a left onto the 2061 which is a horrible pot holed road. At its end I take a right onto the 207 and […]

Feb 102010
Udon Thani To Sakhon Nakhon The Scenic Way

The route Hwy 22, 2007, unknown, 2015, 2350, 2023, 2393, 227, 2218, 213 Total distance 287 km There is no interest for me whatsoever in riding from Udon To Sakon Nakhon along hwy 22, I took it out of town until I went past the km 27 marker then did a U turn and took a left onto the 2007 This is great after that infernal highway and cuts a corner off the journey I ride along the 2007 for six km Then in a village I take a left onto an unnumbered road After 3.2 km I reach a […]

Feb 092010
A Temple In The Hills South Of Nong Wau So

The route 2263, 2097, 3005, 210, 228, 2146, 4002, 2315, 210 Total distance 224 km It was a real late start this morning, the bike needed an oil change, new rear brake pads and a new battery plus they managed to strip the threads on my sump plug and that had to be replaced, luckily it was the thread on the plug and not on the sump, so it was gone 11.00 before I even left the shop. The good news was the total bill was only 1120 Baht I was determined to find the road that links south of […]

Feb 082010
Udon Thani - Erawan - Si Bun Rueang - Non Sang - Udon Thani Loop

The route 210, 2420, 5006, 2141, 2420, 228, 2133, 4006, 6002, 2146, 210 Total distance 352 km I took the 210 out as far as Erawan to try out some new roads that I havent been on before, I take a left onto the 2420 This gentleman is doing it the hard way Its a well surfaced twisty road alright Everywhere I look today its just agriculture I stop at a village for a break It seems that two strokes still rule out here That DT certainly brings back memories I take a right onto the 5006 as my map […]

Feb 072010
Udon Thani - Kumphawapi - Nong Saeng - Udon Thani A Short Loop

The route Hwy 22, 2040, 2007, 2015, 2350, Hwy 2, 2316, 210 Total distance 167 km I was determined to find the right road to Prachak Silapakhom so I tried again today, I took hwy 22 out of town and after about twelve km took a right onto the 2040 and some bends to start with Lots of water around now from the recent storms Its a good road for the first five km Then I come to the obligatory unsurfaced section But only for 1.2 km then its the good surface again which takes me through Prachak Silapakhom. I […]