Dec 272010
Si Saket-Lam Dom Noi Reservoir-Sai Yai Waterfall-Si Saket

The route, 226, 231, 217, 2173, 2296, 2396, 2038, 2182, Hwy 24 Total distance 412 km Heading towards Ubon Ratchathani on the 226 I spotted this on the roadside Along the 217 and the first sight of the Lam Dom Noi Reservoir that the Sirinthon dam is on This is strange, a monday morning and no electricity is being produced here About 1.5 metres below maximum I ride down to the Pak Mun Dam at N15.16.927 E105.28.026 and surprisingly the Mun river is flowing freely today Thats certainly a fast current over those rocks This is only the second time […]

Nov 212008
Sakon Nakhon - Mukdahan - Khong Chiam - Ubon Ratchathani

The Route 223, 2358, 2339, 2287, 2292, 2042, 212, 2034, 2242, 202, 2112, 2134, 2222, 217 Total Distance 450km The trips are getting longer, today was my highest ever km on the Phantom. I left Sakon Nakhom after four pleasant nights there, a very friendly place I found it to be. I took the 223 heading towardsThat Phanom then about 15km out took a right onto the 2358, not a road that I would recommend, it wasnt particularly pleasant but I had to find out. This joins the 2339 and at the junction I took the left and this road […]

Mar 042008
Ubon Ratchathani-Si Saket

The route 217, 2173, 2296, 217, 2396, 2182, 24, 2214, 2248, 221 Total distance 402 km I took the 217 out to the Sirinthon dam, the water level hasnt dropped that much in just over three months since I was last here It was about 1.5 metres below the gate tops in november Heres looking across the reservoir today Here it is in november I ride on along the 217 and take a left onto the 2173 for the Pak Mun dam, I take a left onto the 2296 and ride to it. The sluice gates are firmly shut now […]

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Mar 032008
Surin-Ubon Ratchathani

The route 214, 2334, 2079, 2076, 2083, 2168, 2404, 226 Total distance 298 km I left Surin heading north on the 214 as far as Chom Phra then turned right onto the 2334 This is a very well surfaced road with some bends At the junction with the 2079 I turn left and ride to Rattana Buri This is another pleasant road but its not nice riding northwards this morning as theres a very strong headwind blowing, but I guess it keeps the temperature down a bit Not much greenery here now At Rattana Buri I turn right onto the […]

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Nov 302007
Ubon To Nam Yuen And Around

I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2171 to Nam Yuen Mainly tapioca along the 2171, in fact its all you can see in many places I happened across this poor little bugger on the way Hes bleeding around the mouth, I get a long enough stick and lift him onto the verge He doesnt appear to want to move and then I notice quite a lot of blood dripping from his mouth, death is near I guess At the T junction its a right onto the 2248 which is okay for a short while and then there […]

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Nov 292007
Ubon-Buntharik-Laos Market-Emerald Triangle-Nam Yuen

I took the 24 to Det Udom then the 2182 to Buntharik and on to where the army checkpoint is The checkpoint is open today and only 1 or 2 km later the tarmac finishes Its then this dirt track which has some deep puddles in places but didnt appear slippery When I saw this marker post I wondered if I was in Laos But a km or so farther on I came to the border, all I had to do was put my name in the book to go across, no passport was asked for. One of the soldiers […]

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