Mar 132010
Trat Onto Aranyaprathet

The route 318, 3157, 3299, 317, 3193, 3405, 3395, 4058, 3259, 3479, 3383, 4029, 3067 Total distance 281 km After seven fun days riding my favourite roads, finding and exploring some new ones it was time to move out. Apart from some roads to the north of Chantaburi that will be explored next trip there is only one way to head out from Trat and that is northwards as the thought of riding west to Rayong, Pattaya or Bangkok is a rather horrifying thought I take the 318 for about five km then its a left onto the 3157 and […]

Mar 122010
Trat - Khao Pa Kam Reservoir Plus Some New Roads

The route Hwy 3, 3277, Unknown, 4017, 3158, Hwy 3, 1016, Hwy 3 Total distance 208 km I take hwy 3 out as far as Khlung then take a right onto the 3277 to explore a couple of new roads Just past the km 12 marker I take a right onto an unnumbered road to see where it leads to This chaps got plenty of trees to spray along here This isnt a bad road and after about four km at an intersection I take a left Not much further on and I take a right to try to maintain […]

Mar 112010
Trat - North of Chantaburi - Makham - Trat

The route Hwy 3, 3249, 3409, 3249, 3322, 3249, Unknown, 3408, 4010, 317, 3277, Hwy 3 Total distance 257 km I headed out along hwy 3 for about eighty km until just past Chantaburi and I think that viewing this tree was probably the highlight of the journey, main highways are so terminally boring Past Chantaburi and I take a right onto the 3249, I couldnt understand the chronic amount of traffic using this road, lorries, trucks, mini buses and cars were everywhere along here. I imagine that this road is now linked to the 317 somewhere and its a […]

Mar 102010
Trat - Makham And Some New Roads

The route Hwy 3, 3158, Unknown, 3447, Unknown, 3277, 4006, 3158, 4007, 3388, 3159, 4013, 3394, Hwy 3 Total distance 231 km The weather has certainly changed here now, it was raining slightly last night and early on this morning it was heavy rain. As I left town on hwy 3 this morning it was very windy, a lot cooler and looked like possibly more rain. I ride out of town for about twenty km along hwy 3 then take a right onto the 3158 No clear blue sky here this morning Its pleasant enough riding but I am used […]

Mar 092010
Trat - Bo Rai And Around

The route 318, 3157, 3388, 3157, Unknown, 3388, Unknown, 3157 Unknown, 3157, 3158, Hwy 3 Total distance 192 km It was out along the 318 for about five km then a left onto the 3157 I take a right onto the 3388 and ride through Bo Rai, this road finishes at a waterfall area but I certainly aint walking in this heat through the park to view a non existent waterfall so I just enjoy the ride then turn around at the roads end Before getting back to Bo Rai I take a right to ride another road Good scenery […]

Mar 082010
Trat - Hat Lek The Cambodian Border - Trat

The route 318, 3269, 3292 Total distance 214 km I decided to ride to the Cambodian border at Hat Lek today, I rode there on the Honda Wave back in 2004 and decided to go again Its not a particularly pleasant ride to start with, its dusty with lots of road widening taking place then after a while it turns into a much better more scenic ride Its a good surface with some bends and rollercoasters to keep you awake The border crossing at Hat Lek looking into Cambodia I have no reason to cross over and have a look […]

Mar 072010
In The Hills Around Trat

The route 318, 3002, 4001, 3271, 3157, 4017, 3157, 3271, 318 Total distance 168 km I take the 318 out of town for about six km then take a left onto the 3002 Its very green where theres a water supply After about eight km I take a right onto the 4001 to try out a new road for me Although its only a red line on my map its a well surfaced wide road with lots of bends to enjoy Rubber trees everywhere around here I am always saying that theres lots of good roads to ride around Trat […]

Mar 062010
Aranyaprathet - Over The Mountains To Trat

The route 3067, 3383, 3384, 3395, 3426, 317, 3193, 3210, 3247, 3193, 317, 3299, 3157, 318 Total distance 286 km I take the 3067 out of town to ride to Trat on the back roads The 3067 finishes and I am now on the 3383 and along here I see this unusual structure I reach the 3384 and turn left onto it and this picturesque tree is along this road I reach a T junction and turn left onto the 3395 Plenty of workers out in the fields today I take a partly different route to my usual one between […]

Dec 112008
Aranyaprathet To Khon Buri And Back

The Route 348, 3198, 3485, 3462, 4039, 3039, 304, unknown, 4040, 3462, 4040, 224, 348 Total Distance 449 km Todays trip was one that I was really looking forward to, I was going to try out some new roads and one of them looked great at least on the map, but some days I guess are just meant to be shyte days. I took the 348 out of town heading towards Ta Phraya and about 10 km out I took a left onto the 3198, this was an okay road but nothing special, I take a right onto the 3485 […]

Dec 102008
Ban Pakkad And Ban Laem Border Crossings

The Route 318, 3157, 3299, 317, 3193, 3227, 3248, 3255, 3405, 3424, 3259, 3479, 3383, 3067
Total Distance 349 km
I returned from Trat to Aranyaprathet pretty much by the same route that I took, I had a nice early start and not stopping for lots of photos gave me time to explore a few side roads